History Quest.

In my adventurous journey of Self Directed Learning  was interesting. There was ups and downs but eventually i think  like i did a worthy job up to standards. I feel confident in my Learning in which me, my self and I directed.

In my choice of design i chose a power point that i portrayed RCMP and NWMP




What I have learned about bullying is that some people have it a whole lot harder then others. Everyone’s story is different. We all have different experiences and life styles. One can not judge another over something they may just know the tip of the iceberg about. Unfortunately not all of us exactly have discretion or self control to notice certain people attributes that may or may not be the same on themselves. This can create tension or even a spark in the mind that they are inferior and do not have your life.  Then the ball gets  rolling and more people join and the deeper it gets the less a bystander will stand up. Then rountines can start and someones feelings end up getting hurt.

Blogging Challange #4

Playing with the ball 3
Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar via Compfight

Blog challenge 4

This is a photo of the adorable predator Jaguar named Tambako of which I retrived from Compfight. I chose this photo because it has some elements of a intriuging picture. Ex. Cuteness, Quality, Interesting and Creative. I also chose this picture because when i searched “Wrestling” or “Olympic wrestling” or even “Canadian Olympic Wrestling Sport” there was litttle to no content that was approprite or relevent via Compfight.






Wrestling out of the Olympics? Blogging Challenge #2

Blogging Challenge #2 

Taking wrestling, a beloved sport, out of the Olympics is a stunning blow to wrestlers worldwide.  Wrestling is a sport in which two athletes battle to subdue each other with only their body and no equipment.  Why this sport has been eliminated from the Olympics is found mind boggling, according to Khasan Baroev of Russia, a past greco-roman champion.

Wrestling is an ancient sport of the Olympics.  It`s first appearance was in the 708 BC Olympic games. It is old and classic but also youthful, exciting and riveting.  This proves it deserves to be in over a hobby unworthy of the name, sport.  Some of those examples could be wake boarding, golf and table tennis.  Other than running wrestling is considered one of the most ancient sports.

Another reason why wrestling should be kept is that it is home to many countries, cultures and religions.  This can be proven by the fact that 29 different countries received medals at the last Olympics.  With first hand experience I can confidently tell you that at tournaments and practices that I have attended, they have been extremely ethnically divers.

The IOC`s ( International Olympic Committee) decision was not only devastating to wrestlers but mixed martial artists as well.  This will cause a ripple effect, affecting the world`s largest rapidly growing sport.  Without MMA`s largest contributor, wrestling, it will have to fight an uphill battle for popularity.

Someone might tell you that wrestling ranked “low” in audience with a maximum of 58.5 million viewers and an average of 28 million.  This may be true but it is most definitely not the least popular or the most deserving to get the boot.  The most deserving sport in called the is modern pentathlon, a sport that combines fencing, horse riding, swimming, running and shooting. This sport had a maximum 33.5 million viewers and an average 12.5 million.  This clearly proves that wrestling belongs.

So for wrestlers, mixed martial artists and people of the world… Save our ancient sport.

How you can help: If you could take only few seconds out of your busy day to sign a petition it would be great. A little can help a lot.










Blogging Challenge #3 Socks

Blogging Challenge #3 

No perticular order…

Phone Case.

Sock Monkey.

File a missing socks report for your other sock.

Duster (to clean dusty surfaces).

To wear mis-matching socks for style.

Mouse parachute.

Collet all of you un matching socks and jump into the pile from varying heights.

Make a sock collage of all your socks to make a pretty picture.

Staple them to your wall for wall paper.

Use it when you are in the woods without toilet paper.


Blogging Challenge #1

Freddie Mercury – What does the Queen Crest represent?

Bruce Lee – Why did you change you name?

Ringo Starr – What made you decide to become a vegetarian?

Buzz Aldrin – Why did you turn down a full scholarship offer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and go to the United States Military Academy?

Bob Dylan – If you had not become a singer/songwriter what profession would you have possibly become?

Mark Zukerburg -Why do you describe yourself as atheist as you were raised jewish?

Russell Peters – Did the bullying from your early years influence your comedy?

Peter Dinklage – Why are you an advocate of farm sanctuary?

Kyle Dake – Why is do you not want to become a mixed martial artist?

Maurice Richard – Was your famous hockey career ignited by you backyard rink?

Randy Couture – Do you think that your MMA career was made possible from the Grecco Roman you did while in the US army?